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Presented here is a collection of movies we've made of winter sporting events.

Presented here is a collection of movies we've made of winter sporting events.


Backcountry Skiing & Riding Safety

The growing interest in backcountry skiing in Vermont has the major ski areas wondering what to do, just like they wondered what to do about snowboarders. With the growing interest there is also growing concern about safety. At the moment, Vermont doesn't charge for a rescue if you get lost because it is considered unfriendly to the state's over all promotion of outdoor recreation. Being safe in the woods is all about self responsibility. This Mountain Rescue Association Backcountry Skiing & Riding Safety video highlights safe practices for outdoor enthusiasts heading into the backcountry on a skiing or riding adventure. Produced by Stowe Mountain Rescue for the Mountain Rescue Association

Winter Bike 2013

This year's Winter Bike Races at Kingdom Trails in East Burke was a bit slushy. Contestants had a difficulty time in the corn snow maintaining balance, steering and speed. The temperature was almost 50 degrees. Still, the sun shone, musicians played and everyone had a good time!

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Short Course at the Stowe Derby 2013

Our Go Pro assignees didn't produce any nice video for the Stowe Derby in 2013, so we present coverage of the Short Course Derby. The Stowe Derby Short Course is designed for children ages 6 and up and those who prefer to avoid the rigors of a long and sustained descent. This race is approximately 6km. The course begins in a mass start on the Stowe Recreation Path ) and follows the final leg of the Long Course to the finish behind the Congregational Church in the center of Stowe.

The Stowe Derby will be held on February 24th. This race runs from the top of Mount Mansfield, Vermont's highest mountain, to the village of Stowe. Here is a video from last years race. We put a Go Pro on a racer and called it Wendy's Fantastic Stowe Derby!


The Stowe Recreational path in Stowe changes over to a 5.3 mile long cross country course during the winter. It's not a race course, although skaters can use its center lane. The path is for everybody, so expect to see people out walking and walking their pets. The path is groomed with a skating track and a regular ski track. The grooming is something the village added in 2010.


The biggest Cross Country Skiing event in Vermont is the annual Craftsbury Marathon. It attracts hundreds of skiers. Unfortunately the winter of 2011-2012 did not bring a lot of snow. The organizers had to reduce the length of the 25 km and 50 km courses due to insufficient snow. Instead, the race was conducted over a shorter course which the contestants had to ski, once, twice or three times. Still, the course did afford some picturesque countryside and the weather on the day of the race, January 28th, was nice.


Dozens of mountain bikers, some with “fat tire” equipped bikes race down an icy trail near Burke Mountain, Vermont. Winterbike, as it is called, offers spectators plenty of action. There are plenty of wipe outs and “air time.” This annual event held in early March ended the 2011-2012 season in northeastern VT.


Mountain bikers race down a trail at Bretton Woods, NH, during spring skiing. Nearly all take a tumble before the finish. Some of the falls a spectacular as rider and bike skid down the slope. This winter bike event is organized by Ernie's Cycle Shop in Westbrook, Maine